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Green Camping Tips

Here are some tips for eco-friendly camping: •Use biodegradable soap and cleaning supplies •Choose LED lanterns and flashlights •Use rechargeable batteries for your lighting •Recycle all batteries when you are finished with them •Try organic bug sprays and sunscreens •Bring dish towels from home rather than paper towels •Bring cutlery from home rather than disposable plastic •Never burn trash in your fire pit or leave your fire unattended •Utilize biodegradable pet waste bags for your dog (provided) •Recycle all recyclable materials at our new Recycling Center •Unplug any non-vital electronics before you leave home

Additional tips for RVers: •Invest in solar panels or a wind generator for your power needs •Consider replacing your chemical toilet with a composting model •Utilize LED cabin lights •Investigate the GEO method for maintaining holding tanks •Keep tires properly inflated for best gas mileage