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Explore the Shore

Explore the Shore

Recompence Shore Campground is located right on Casco Bay, providing over three miles of shoreline for you to explore. Our Little River Bridge offers a beautiful view of the bay and islands, and low tide brings with it the clammers (both people and birds!). Our rocky shore is accessible in several places by stairs with canoe/kayak ramps, and at Hayload Point by a short walking path.

A Different View: Bike and Kayak
There is more than one way to explore our shore here at Recompence. Head down to the campground office and rent a bicycle or kayak. You can bike through the campground or head across the bridge to Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park for even more shore access. When you rent a kayak, you can paddle up the Little River into the salt marsh or head out into the bay for a different view of the coast.

The Power of the Tides
With a big difference between high and low tides, the timing of your trip affects what you can do on our shore. At low tide, peer into tidepools and look for green crabs as they scurry past periwinkles. Watch for herons taking advantage of the shallower water. At high tide, swim off of Hayload Point or keep an eye out for an osprey across the bay.

Just How Far Inland Does The Shore Go?
Wolfe’s Neck Farm is also home to a very important ecosystem, an estuary. The Little River flows through our forest and enters the bay right under our bridge. You can watch the water changing directions with the tide from the bridge, or take a hike into the woods and see how far the tides affect the Little River. One of our trails (Wolfe’s Neck Farm>Activities>Hike) follows the Little River and leads you to our Salt Marsh Classroom, an observation point for birdwatching or nature appreciation.

Four-legged Friends of the Farm
We welcome our friends and visitors to walk their dogs through the campground, hiking trails and on our country roads. We remind dog walkers to keep your dogs on a leash and encourage you to use our animal waste stations.